01. The young boy [hurled] his eraser across the room and hit his friend in the head.
02. The old woman [hurled] abuse at the teenagers who had run though her garden stealing strawberries.
03. The monster began picking up cars and [hurling] them at the soldiers.
04. The Roman god Jupiter was the god of the sky, the bringer of light, [hurling] lightning bolts down on the world when displeased.
05. The outfielder [hurled] the ball towards the infield.
06. During the accident, the driver was [hurled] from the car, and was later found about 30 meters from the vehicle.
07. Furious, she [hurled] her wine glass across the room, hitting her husband in the chest.
08. The boys [hurled] their pillows at one another from across the hotel room.
09. A huge rock came [hurling] down the hill towards us and almost hit my friend.
10. The soldiers were being attacked by a mob of youths [hurling] rocks and bottles.
11. One of the men grabbed the grenade before it exploded, and [hurled] it back at the enemy.
12. The crowd [hurled] insults at the governor as he came out of the convention center.
13. After drinking a bottle of tequila, he [hurled] in the car.
14. My friend got totally hammered at the party and then [hurled] all over himself.
15. If you think you're going to [hurl], run to the bathroom because I'm not going to clean up your puke.
16. Freud once suggested that the first human who [hurled] an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization.
17. The train crash [hurled] passengers down the aisles, killing ten and injuring over 180.
18. He [hurled] the disc over 70 meters.
19. The teacher [hurled] a piece of chalk at a student who was sleeping in class.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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